Exciting New Partnership!

Well--it has been 5 months since we've started our new staging business and we are so happy with what we've achieved thus far. It's been a crazy past few months juggling the busy schedule of staging with both of our daily careers as realtors...but we've made it so far.

How else could we top off a successful few months? We know just the way--by encouraging our clients to help support a great cause in the community. We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with the organization Beds for Kids! I was privileged to attend one of their events last year with a good friend of mine and I was able to learn more about what this amazing organization is all about.

Beds for Kids, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, strives to provide beds and essential furniture to children and their families in need. They receive furniture donations from the community and are able to fill the homes with the necessary items that the family needs and/or is missing.

How will Anchor Staging Co. be involved with this amazing organization? Every time we stage a home, the home owner or agent (whoever would like to participate!) will fill out a survey for which type of item they'd like to be donated to Beds for Kids. At the end of every 3 months, we will collect items that we haven't used in a while from our inventory or buy the items from a store--to ensure that every item we said would be donated, is donated!

We cannot wait to see all of the rooms that will be filled with Anchor Staging Co.'s clients' donations and we thank all our friends, family, co-workers for their support through this new exciting venture we are undertaking! If you would prefer to donate outside of Anchor Staging Co., please visit Beds for Kid's website LINKED HERE for information on how to get involved with the organization.

-J & C

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