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Started by friends who have a passion for both real estate and interior design, Anchor Staging Co. is determined to help make staging as easy and effortless for the homeowner--and affordable. It is our job to make sure that your home visually appears in the best condition it can be shown as. Read below for more information about our amazing team. 

Our Team
Cristina Grossu

                                  Cristina's love of architecture and client

                                  interaction naturally led her to become a

                                  realtor five years ago. However, it wasn't until

                                  she started showing homes to perspective

                                  buyers, that she then realized that interior

design was also one of her passions. Her goal is to make each

home show beautifully when it goes on the market--or even if it's

been  on the market for some time. Working with her good friend

Julie has  helped make the entire process for the homeowner

easygoing, effortless, and stress free.  

Julie Swinger

                                 Looking for a new challenge to compliment her

                                 husbands' business of general contracting, Julie

                                 gained new skills of interior design by house  

                                 flipping. She realized after seeing other homes sit

unsold due to poor  decorating and seeing homes sell quickly once

some changes had been  made, that staging was the direction to go in.

Alongside her career as a real estate agent she strives to make sure

each home is uniquely presented and enhanced through her staging abilities. 

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